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RUBRIC Schools

Community need for this type of School steadily matured over the last decade, and having successfully launched in 2008 the School has already become popular with Russian-speaking parents and - most importantly - is loved by the children.

The main goal of the Russian School is to work with children with Russian-speaking ethnic background, and also any Russian learning children in Midlands, helping them to acquire the language of their forefathers and to discover the culture and traditions of Russian people.

The Russian Schools RUBRIC offer quality education through a series of interactive engaging games, with a flexible approach to developing and improving language abilities for children of different ages and various levels of comfort with Russian.

To enrich the children's acquaintance with the Russian language, the Schools offer singing lessons, the basics of rhetoric and drama, as well as classes in art and dance.

Welcome to the Russian School "RUBRIC" in Birmingham and also in Worcester, Derby, Bristol,  Coventry, Rugby, Cirencester and Telford. 

For more details please visit the Russian school RUBRIC websites:

For those who would like to learn Ukrainian there is a Ukrainian school RUBRIC in Gloucestershire:

For more details please call: 07809 403426