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RC37 - Victory Day celebration at Russian Club (May
RC36 - How to stay happy, healthy and successful - talk at Russian Club March
RC35 - Russian Club celebrates 85th Anniversary of A.Pakhmutova - Nov
RC34 - RUBRIC celebrates 200th Anniversary of Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov - Sept
RC33 - RUSSIAN WORLD Festival - 15th Anniversary of RUBRIC (May
RC32 - Russian-British rambling for 15th Anniversary of RUBRIC (May'14)
RC31 - RUBRIC celebrates Victory Day - May'14
RC30 - March meeting at RUBRIC (March
RC29 - Russian Consulate comes to Birmingham - Jan'14
RC28 - RUBRIC receives an Award from the Russian community council (Dec'13)
RC27 - Autumn Ball at RUBRIC (Nov
RC26 - Victory Day and Day of Russia celebration at RUBRIC
RC25 - Mothers' Day and Pancake Day at RUBRIC - March'13
RC21 - Day of Russia at RUBRIC - May'12
RC20 - RUBRIC meeting - January
RC19 - RUBRIC at the 5th Forum of the Russian-speaking community (March
RC18 - Russian community council Award - Dec
RC16 - RUBRIC meeting - September
RC15 - Russia Day celebration in RUBRIC (May
RC13 - Russian week at Aston university - March
RC12 - Intourist and RUBRIC welcome to Rusiia
RC11 - Russian week at English school
RC10 - January meeting at RUBRIC - Jan
RC09 - November 2010 meeting
RC08 - Russian Club - meeting the Artist , September 2010
RC07 - Song competion dedicated to 65th Victory Day anniversary and club meeting (May 2010)
RC06 - March 2010 meeting
RC05 - January Club meeting, Jan 2010
RC03 - Russian Club meeting, September 2009
RC02 - Celebrating Sanctuary Festival, June 2009
RC01 - Rubric - 10th anniversary, May 2009